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A Future-Road Assets and Conditions Evaluation Solutions

Leverage the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your visual road and infrastructure data into meaningful insight.

MapRunner seamlessly integrates diverse data sources with its advanced AI engine, enabling direct extraction and management of raw data. By harnessing AI technology, MapRunner provides valuable insights that enhance road safety for current drivers and future autonomous vehicles. With real-time access to geographically specific images, transportation departments and agencies can effortlessly analyze roads and critical safety assets nationwide across multiple years. Check out our demo to see how it works.


MapAssets utilizes the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your visual infrastructure data into valuable insights. Streamline the inventory process of your infrastructure assets and automatically annotate their conditions effortlessly on an interactive map. With advanced capabilities like autonomous traffic sign identification, accurate GPS location tracking, and the detection of asset types. MapAssets offers comprehensive and advanced AI recognition and analysis of road assets. Each asset is automatically geo-tagged, time-stamped, and associated with relevant tags for efficient grouping, sorting, and searching. Moreover, MapAssets excels at detecting changes over multiple years such as missing or damaged signs, facilitating prompt repairs. "Check out our demo to observe how it functions."

Introducing the Maplyzer Widget, your gateway to unlocking the full potential of MapRunner and MapAssets technologies within your web applications. With a simple code snippet, seamlessly integrate these cutting-edge tools to effortlessly visualize your data, display road assets, and showcase targeted information on your maps. Prepare to revolutionize your web applications with a wealth of map dynamics, interactivity, and advanced functionality. The widget goes beyond by offering extensive customization options, empowering you to fine-tune it precisely to match your unique business requirements. Contact us to check how it works.


Welcome to Maplyzer cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence API as a Service (AIaaS) dedicated to efficiently process and analyze vast amounts of road images and data. With few API calls, you can enable your applications to seamlessly handle large volumes of road asset information and unlock valuable insights with our cutting-edge AI algorithms. Maplyzer AIaaS, effortlessly extract and analyze road asset data, so you can share the insightful results across your organization. Revolutionize your road asset management and decision-making processes with the power of Maplyzer AIaaS, empowering you to optimize your applications for infrastructure planning, maintenance, and resource allocation. Contact us to check how it works.

Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency of data management with Maplyzer. Our expert team will take care of all your data-related tasks such as data storage, data access, data privacy, and preventing data loss, allowing you to save time, cut costs, and reallocate resources to focus on other critical projects. With our cloud storage solution, you can access asset information instantly from anywhere, using any device, ensuring easy accessibility for any project or emergency situation. Contact us to check how it works.


MapRunner offers powerful tools to annotate and markup traffic signs and road assets. With these tools, you can effectively highlight road status, create maintenance plans and progress reports, identify specific road conditions, designate new and future asset locations, and mark assets for maintenance. Additionally, MapRunner enables you to add detailed notes, comments, decisions, and instructions for the maintenance team, facilitating seamless communication between management units, decision makers, and the on-ground maintenance team. All of this can be accomplished conveniently from your desk, ensuring efficient sharing of information and streamlined collaboration across teams. Check out our demo to see how it works.

Track and visualize road assets across multiple frames over multiple years. MapAssets identifies new and missing road assets, and reports them back to users. This allows users to create a Multi-Year sign dataset and view their history. Tracking road assets in consecutive images and over years helps in removing datasets redundancy and captures road changes over time.


Our suite of tools and services is designed with a strong emphasis on customization, ensuring they can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. You have the flexibility to choose from a variety of base maps that best align with your preferences and objectives. Additionally, our solutions enable you to visualize your state map exclusively, focusing solely on the information that matters to you. Furthermore, our tools possess the capability to identify and highlight state-specific assets, empowering you with targeted insights and analysis. With these versatile features and more, you can fine-tune our tools and services to create a truly personalized and tailored experience that perfectly aligns with your unique needs. Contact us to check how it works.

Start the process

Create Account

A service account is a user account that is created to allow you to customize and configure the service to fit your needs.

Upload Data

Upload or send visual data of the roads of your interest.

Instantly visualize the uploaded imagery on MapRunner, gaining a comprehensive overview of the areas already covered and those that still require data collection.

Let AI Do the Magic

Your road imagery is channeled through our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, extracting valuable data and empowering data-driven strategies.

Visualize and Analyze Results

Your imagery analysis results are mapped on MapRunner, our interactive online platform.

Tailor your views to obtain the precise insights required for generating comprehensive road reports and informed maintenance plans.

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