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MapAssets leverages the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your visual infrastructure data into meaningful insight.

  • Effortlessly inventory your infrastructure assets.

  • Annotate asset conditions on an interactive map.

  • Automatically identify traffic signs and road assets, capturing their GPS location.

  • Track assets in images/video frames and over the years.

  • Efficiently group, sort, and search assets for easy reference and analysis.

Benefit from real-time and precise insights that allow you to conduct safety inspections conveniently from your desk. By automating maintenance detections and safety inspections, MapAssets eliminates the need for boots on the ground while significantly enhancing safety measures.

Artificial Intelligence API as a Service (AIaaS)

Introducing Maplyzer cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence API as a Service (AIaaS) dedicated to efficiently process and analyze vast amounts of road images and data. With few API calls, you can enable your applications to seamlessly handle large volumes of road asset information and unlock valuable insights with our cutting-edge AI algorithms. Maplyzer AIaaS, effortlessly extract and analyze road asset data, so you can share the insightful results across your organization. Revolutionize your road asset management and decision-making processes with the power of Maplyzer AIaaS, empowering you to optimize your applications for infrastructure planning, maintenance, and resource allocation.

Having Existing Road Data, Bring it on!

Upload your existing data to MapAssets service. Once uploaded, the images are ready to visualize with their geo-tags, time-stamps, and user information.

AI at your Service!

Once the data are uploaded, our AI starts the work!

Our AI automatically identifies road assets and tags your images. These tags can be conveniently grouped and searched, enabling you to quickly locate specific images at a later time.

With our search functionality, you can effortlessly search images based on keywords, tags, users, location, as well as date and time, providing you with enhanced flexibility and ease of access.

Visualize Results and Organize your Maps!

Our platform enables you to visualize maps with AI results, add locations, and communicate with teams, all from the convenience of your desktop.

Stay informed with real-time notifications that provide updates on activity since your last session.

Each user can customize their own preferences. Easily add and tag images, and save comments directly on each image using our intuitive interface.

Data are securely stored in the Cloud, granting you quick accessibility while saving valuable space on your personal devices.

Special Attention to School Zones!

MapAssests has special focus to school zone signs, considering the alarming statistics of school transportation-related accidents. Between 2011 and 2020, there were over 1,000 fatal crashes, resulting in an average of 113 fatalities per year. Shockingly, studies indicate that up to 40 students are struck by vehicles while walking each day, leading to over 15,000 annual injuries.

Together, let's make a difference and work towards changing these statistics by leveraging the capabilities of MapAssets.

What Are the Benefits of Using MapAssets?
  • Detailed maps with road assets information

  • Support processing already-existing data

  • State-of-the-art AI technologies to extract road assets and perform analysis

  • Practical tools to visualize, extract, and share information

  • Streamline project management with objective information and effective communication.

  • Customizable to fit your preferences and needs

  • Dedicated technical support expert at your service

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